The Cabin Fever share first single from Alone Together EP

LA-based collective The Cabin Fever have released the first taste of new music from their September 27 Alone Together EP today via Ghost Cult Magazine, who say “pulling from a place of Alt-Rock throwback feels and shoegaze melancholy, the band always couches glimmers of optimistic humor inside their tracks.” Check it out below and stay in the loop via Facebook. RSVP for the September 26 LA release show HERE.

The Cabin Fever share new live in-studio video on PopMatters

LA shoegazers, The Cabin Fever, just released a live-in-studio video of their new track, "The Brown Bunny" this morning over at PopMatters. The song is a hazy, distortion filled number that waivers along like a sinister lullaby.  At the vocal helm is S. Moriarty, who leads the track with his whispery pipes. The folks over at PopMatters say this of the video: "creates a hair-raising adventure for listeners far and wide with chilling guitar lines, disquieting vocals and the overall sense that one is either being cast into a void or cast into space." Take a peek below or over at PopMatters. 

The Cabin Fever share stream of 'Exercise The Demon' EP

The Cabin Fever are a few short days away from releasing their new EP, Exercise The Demon, on February 2. Lucky for you, the band has shared the stream of the EP a little early over on The Big Takeover alongside a review of the "quietly captivating" album. Written with the goal of exercising and perhaps exorcising some demons of their own, the band hopes to share some of their catharsis with listeners. Head over to The Big Takeover to take a listen for yourself and see what they have to say about the 6 song (+1 bonus track) EP. The album will be out officially this Friday, Feb. 2, and you can scoop a copy for yourself over on their Bandcamp page. 


The Cabin Fever share new video at Substream

The Cabin Fever will be releasing their new EP, Exercise The Demon, next month. From this EP, they've just premiered a new video for the track, "Simon Says" over at Substream Magazine.  The folks over at Substream compare the group to both The Replacements and Pearl Jam, and laud the video for its lo-fi production, saying that the song and the editing "create a total package that you can’t bring yourself to look away from." Take a peek for yourself below or over at Substream and be sure to pre-order your copy of Exercise The Demon, which will be out February 2. 

Treble premieres new track from The Cabin Fever

The Cabin Fever are on their way to releasing their upcoming Exercise The Demon EP and today they've shared the premiere of another track from that release over at Treble. The LA outfit have outdone themselves on "Trucrime," creating a slow burning beast that the folks over at Treble call a "perfectly brooding fall track." Check it out below or head over to Treble to read more about the song, which follows in the footsteps of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. 

The Exercise The Demon EP will be out February 2nd--preorder your copy here

New Noise Magazine premieres spooky new track from The Cabin Fever

Just in time for your Halloween festivities, New Noise Magazine have premiered the first new single from The Cabin Fever's Exercise The Demon EP. The title track from this EP is a building shoegaze number not so much about dispelling demons, but giving them their proper care and keeping--perfect for the Holiday at hand. Be sure to head over to New Noise Magazine to check it out, and keep your ears to the ground for more haunting shoegaze from The Cabin Fever. 

The Exercise The Demon EP will be out February 2 of 2018--preorder your copy here