Atoms and Void reveal final video from And Nothing Else

The last in the six-video series from Atoms and Void to be released in support of their beautiful debut album, And Nothing Else, premiered yesterday at PopMatters who said, "It’s the audio representation of the maxim 'life is about the journey, not the conclusion', which makes for a wonderful ride." Enjoy the video below or see the premiere HERE

Caustic Casanova announce massive US summer/fall tour

DC band Caustic Casanova have just announced a three month US tour in support of the vinyl release of their 2015 album, Breaks. Breaks is the band's third full-length and their first on the Kylesa-run Retro Futurist Records. CC have been often compared to the heavy rock of Kylesa, as well as Torche, Fugazi, Rush, The Melvins, Queens of the Stoneage, and others. They're likely coming to your town. Check out a full list of dates HERE

Bandcamp premieres new Atoms and Void video

The newest in the series of video releases from Atoms and Void in support of the long-awaited vinyl release of And Nothing Else is out today. The gorgeously shot video was directed by Greg Hunt, best known for his work on such seminal skateboarding films as Alien Workshop's Mind Field, Vans' Propeller, and TransWorld's Sight Unseen. Check it out below or where it premiered at Bandcamp.