West/Step share new track at Tiny Mix Tapes

Pittsburgh’s West/Step have just released a new track from their upcoming 8/2 LP, This is Terrifying, with the folks over at Tiny Mix Tapes. "Hackurwayhome" combines elements of shoegaze and bedroom pop. A slow burner, the song unfolds gradually, with hazy guitars, feedback and ambient noise, and echoey vocals all layered on themselves before the drum machine percussion hits around two minutes in. A bit dark, but ultimately hopeful in sound, this track sets the tone for the rest of the album, as Whitman describes it:

"This Is Terrifying is a group of songs that deal directly with facing fear and insecurity.
A reflection on years of personal struggle. Songs and words of hope and light shine through layers of somewhat dark melodies.”

Take a listen below or at Tiny Mix Tapes and pre-order the record on West/Step’s Bandcamp now.

PARENTZ drop new single at New Noise Magazine

Oakland electro pop, and sometimes absurdist, duo PARENTZ just dropped a new single that was inspired by Stranger Things and nostalgia for bumming around the mall as a teenager with nothing else to do. New Noise Magazine has the premiere of the groovy number, with synths and beats galore for your ears to get lost in. Take a listen to the track below or wherever you stream music.

“The track’s wavering energy is entombed in the atmosphere of the synth waves chiming through the air.”

Lady Lazarus is back with new full-length due October 18

Lady Lazarus is the solo project of Melissa Ann Sweat, a California-based singer-songwriter, artist, and creative writer who has received significant attention from The New York Times, NPR, Pitchfork, SPIN, Consequence of Sound, and many more for her singular brand of spirited and enchanting “dream folk-pop,” composed for mainly voice and keyboard/piano.

She will see the release of her newest full-length album on October 18 but we have the first single available for streaming today! Check it out below and preorder the album via Bandcamp HERE.

Richard Spitzer shares "Synthesizer" from upcoming LP

Richard Spitzer, of Brooklyn synth pop band Loveskills, branches off to release his debut self titled solo album on July 19. From the LP, today Spitzer drops the track "Synthesizer," his acoustic ode to the electronic instrument. Brightest Young Things, who premiered the track, had this to say about it: "'Synthesizer' embraces the weird and uncanny as something natural and honest. In less than two minutes, Richard Spitzer will dazzle you with his playful and loose lyrics, leading the song’s ironic acoustics."

Take a listen to the track below and look out for the debut self titled LP, which will be out on July 19!