The Cabin Fever

Exercise The Demon EP

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The Cabin Fever evolved from singe-cell into consciousness in Los Angeles in the spring of 2016 amidst personal turmoil, bad feelings and worse habits. They exist to distract from the inevitable end. They exorcise with each note. They don't fit in and they never win. They feel that you are an outsider but you are not alone. They are here with you. They offer these simple songs for complicated people. 

Exercise The Demon was recorded live in their own “Fever Dream” studio by long-time friend, Iceland-born Husky Hoskulds (Screaming Trees, Tom Waits), and an attempt at catharsis while on the path to containing addictions however one defines them. In the process, they shed friends, both imaginary and virtual, to explore more difficult yet fulfilling relationships with real human people as bandmates.  

S Moriarty, fake professor and real songwriter, is the anti-cult leader of the band. Joel Bedolla, who hardly speaks but is not a mute, quietly started in punk/hardcore bands but grew into more experimental sounds and now provides additional guitar parts. Tripp Beam took over percussion duties to round out the lineup after the first batch of songs were completed (Enjoy Yourself), and is a natural motivational speaker, keeping Moriarty off the ledge thus far. The finishing touches on the EP happened with the help of collaborations with Alvaro Vela (Moriarty’s talented cousin), Jon Joseph (BØRNS, Kera & the Lesbians), and is bookended by string arrangements with Patrick Taylor (BØRNS), who is not only a talented and literate multi-instrumentalist, but a fantastic tennis player.  

As a band they create to relieve their own fear, anxiety and depression and they hope it does the same for you.