Fallow Land premiere new track on New Noise Magazine

Fallow Land have released yet another eerily beautiful track from their upcoming EP, Pinscher and New Noise Magazine has the premiere. The folks over at New Noise Magazine have some nice words about "410 S. Morgan," saying that "the winding guitar lines that close out the track are a glimpse at the stellar muscianship from songwriter Whit Fineberg." Winding and bellowing, the song combines artful lyrics and lush instrumentation to give you a taste of Fallow Land's effortless indie rock. Take a listen below and be sure to read more about the track over at New Noise Magazine. The Pinscher EP will be out June 30-- pre-order it here. 

Fallow Land premiere "Faux" video at Treble

Ann Arbor collective Fallow Land are releasing a new video for their single "Faux" today via Treble. The song itself, songwriter Whit Fineberg tells us, "expresses a time when I so badly wanted to conform to someone else’s needs, that I fantasized about being able to recreate every aspect of myself down to my molecular structure.”

Treble describes the video as "moody and melancholy" as it follows a young man presumably experiencing similar thoughts. They also warn, "There’s an eerie twist ending, however, so while the patient pace of the video seems more contemplative than plot-driven, just wait until you get to that last scene."

Fallow Land premiere new single on Atwood Magazine

Fallow Land, a two piece out of Ann Arbor, have just premiered their new single, "Faux," over at Atwood Magazine. The song is a highly percussive experiment in start and stop-- piercing guitar hooks flit in and out of the mix, the smooth and airy vocals glide over it all, while crunchy synths add a bit of weight to the tune. This textured indie rock has some nostalgic value to it, harkening back to your emo days with its intermittent percussion.

"Faux" is taken from Fallow Land's debut EP, Pinscher, which will be out June 30. Take a listen to the track below.