Fallow Land

Pinscher EP

June 30, 2017
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When life strips away what we know and hold dear, we are left with a sense of emptiness. After a move to a new city, the death of a friend, the end of a band, and the close of a relationship, Whit Fineberg found himself standing on fallow land. He felt directionless, but also more inspired than he had been in years.

Fineberg began spending every free second recording song ideas in his Chicago apartment. Even though he lived in Chicago, he still felt deeply rooted in the Ann Arbor music scene where he grew up. He frequently returned home to play music with friends and visit family. On one of those visits, he crossed paths with Evan Veasey, a musician he had heard about, but never played with. Fineberg was impressed with Veasey's understanding of the guitar and ability to intuit his own musical inclinations. 

Several months later, Fallow Land recorded their first single, joined by Armand Terrell and Caelin Amin, who also accompanied them on their first tour, playing shows in Chicago, Toronto, Detroit, and several other midwestern cities. 

During this period, the band started arranging songs for their debut EP, Pinscher, and spending a lot of time trying to decide who would they would bring on for production. One day, Chris Bathgate walked into the music store where Veasey and Fineberg both worked and mentioned some projects he was producing. Fineberg's other band, Bad Television, had joined him years ago for a benefit concert and seeing Bathgate's keen understanding of each song he crafted changed the way Fineberg thought about his own art. It was an easy decision to work with Bathgate, who spent several days listening to the band play their songs and making comments. He asked interesting, difficult questions like “What does this song mean to the world?” and “What’s the most important part of this song?”.

After evaluating each song, Fallow Land recorded Pinscher at High Bias Studios with the help of audio engineer Chris Koltay. The EP was mixed by Matt Bayles and mastered by Ed Brooks (Cursive, Death Cab for Cutie). 

Fineberg and Veasey will be joined by a new group of musicians for Fallow Land's upcoming tour to celebrate the release of Pinscher