Coattails share new video off their upcoming 'Imaginary Friends' EP

ATX’s Coattails will be releasing their new EP shortly on November 9. From that Imaginary Friends EP, they’ve shared a new video for “Clocks & Knives.” This track is an alt-rock lullaby of sorts, and the video runs with the theme of the title of the EP. Striking electric guitar rings out and echoes through the whole duration of the song, meanwhile the vocals are bright and in the front of the mix, making for a solid rock track with sentimental notes. Take a peek below or head over to New Noise to read up on the track/EP.

Coattails share "Waves," announce 'Imaginary Friends' EP

Coattails, a four piece out of Austin, have dropped the lead single from their upcoming EP, Imaginary Friends. The track, “Waves” just saw its debut on Treble Magazine, who call the track “a haunting epic, dramatic and ominous in its scope, balancing eerie, atmospheric verses with explosive choruses. There are traces of ’90s-era Radiohead coursing through the art-rock anthem, as well as some elements of traditional American blues.” It’s a lovely alt-rock track for your Tuesday, so head over to Treble, or check out the track below. Coattails’ Imaginary Friends EP will be out on November 9!