Imaginary Friends EP

November 9, 2018

self release
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"...I'll wait around."
Fulfillment does not come with a blueprint.  It is hard-fought, and once achieved must be maintained meticulously.  There is no substitute for study, for reflection, for dedication.  There is no pinnacle, only an ever-long journey with two choices: to commit or to abandon.  Coattails believe in the journey, they believe in their art, they believe it will bring fulfillment and through their belief, they hope to affect those who will listen.  With a foundation built on brotherhood, understanding, and accountability, Coattails are able to express to each other and the audience, a prismatic reflection of their reality distilled into music...their truth.     

Now in the fifth year of their journey, Coattails find themselves at a pivotal moment.  The sophomore album comes with pressures inherent in the maturation of one's expression. Will the sound have evolved with its creators?  How has the world around them changed since their first installment?  Will their dedication falter?  Armed with answers, Coattails stand ready to deliver the second installment in their evolution: Imaginary Friends.  

Since their inception, Coattails have sought to surround themselves with like-minded, multi-faceted individuals.  Using the Austin music scene to its full potential, they have built an all-inclusive sphere of influence that has led to inspiration, collaboration, and celebration.  Pooling their resources, they have forged relationships with fellow musicians, artists, photographers, bloggers, videographers, and producers.  Highlights from their past accomplishments include opening for Israel Nash and Blue Oyster Cult, forming a collective called Native Waves in order to pool resources and make an impact at events such as SXSW and Free Week.  They have also had the pleasure of reaching audiences in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth, eager to spread their sound in an ever-increasing radius.  With every point of contact comes the potential to grow another limb, to cut another facet in the crown jewel; networking is the structure and love is the scaffolding.  

Imaginary Friends is a reflection.  A situation report from the journey thus-far.  The accomplishments, the failures, the every day doldrums.  Pulling no punches, past and present collide and brace for the future.