Junior Astronomers premiere new track on GoldFlakePaint

Junior Astronomers are one step closer to the release of their upcoming full-length, Body Language, today with a premiere of new track "Pyramid Party" on GoldFlakePaint. The folks over at GFP call the song "a buoyant track, albeit one that barely fluctuates from its somewhat in-your-face stance; wired and somewhat unhinged." The indie/post-punk group deliver a rocker here, with quick lipped lyrics from frontman Terrence Richard and swirling guitars that wind around to its melancholic ending. Go check out the track on Gold Flake Paint or listen below. 

Body Language will be out June 9 via Refresh Records. Pre-order it here. 

New dance track from MINKA on Impose

MINKA, the four piece dance machine out of Philly, have returned with new music. Earlier today, they premiered their new track, "Josephine," over at Impose Magazine and there's never been a better time to turn it up loud and cut loose with the carefree dance pop. The guitars are jangly and tight knit, undercut with a groovy 70s bass line, and cymbals and high hat magic shimmery magic. The vocal delivery has a bit of James Murphy spin during the verses, but then ascend to funky falsetto for the choruses. Take a listen below.