Junior Astronomers share full stream of Body Language LP

Can't wait til Friday to hear the new Junior Astronomers record? We totally get that! Thankfully, PureVolume has you covered. Head on over and hear why they say that, "Body Language showcases their intelligent indie rock and shows that the Charlotte-natives weren't just passing time in the years between records." Then preorder your glow-in-the-dark, light blue, or black vinyl via Refresh Records

Junior Astronomers share video for "Laid Out"

Treble has premiered the new video from NC's Junior Astronomers, saying "Against the upbeat, emotional charge of the catchy, guitar-driven song, the clip depicts frontman Terence Richard lying on the ground and breaking up with a girl, looking lost and a bit bewildered as a result, and the weird and wild aftermath. It’s a great fit for any festival-bound road-trip playlist you’re putting together."

The Body Language LP this track is taken from is due out June 9 on Refresh Records

Junior Astronomers premiere new track on GoldFlakePaint

Junior Astronomers are one step closer to the release of their upcoming full-length, Body Language, today with a premiere of new track "Pyramid Party" on GoldFlakePaint. The folks over at GFP call the song "a buoyant track, albeit one that barely fluctuates from its somewhat in-your-face stance; wired and somewhat unhinged." The indie/post-punk group deliver a rocker here, with quick lipped lyrics from frontman Terrence Richard and swirling guitars that wind around to its melancholic ending. Go check out the track on Gold Flake Paint or listen below. 

Body Language will be out June 9 via Refresh Records. Pre-order it here. 

Junior Astronomers premiere new single on NYLON

Junior Astronomers are set to make some pretty big waves, as their newest track just premiered on NYLON, who say "Junior Astronomers Are The Indie Nostalgia Band We’ve Been Dreaming Of."

"That's Why" is a rambunctious rock song-- ferocious guitars, bombastic drums and vocals pushed to their very brink make for a rollicking jam. Not only does this song pack a punch, it also has got catchy riffs that will hold you with your finger hovering over that play button to start it for the millionth time. This song is taken from Junior Astronomers upcoming album, Body Language, which will be out June 9 via Refresh Records. Pre-order that album here.