PopMatters shares another epic video from Wasted Wine

"The darkly romantic cabaret of Wasted Wine's 'Fall Upon Me' is perfectly captured in its music video, an opaque depiction of deception and intrigue," says PopMatters of another beautiful video from SC's Wasted Wine. They went on to say, "Wasted Wine’s minor key-centric songwriting is lush and enveloping, with the ability to fog one’s mind in shadows." Check out the video below or where it premiered with PopMatters.

New video from Wasted Wine out now!

If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, Under the Gun Review debuted a new video from Wasted Wine recently. They thought, "It’s a hypnotic track that boasts a unique sound which brings to mind images that can best be described as a Russian circus taking place in a seedy cowboy bar. It’s undeniably unique and incredibly well composed."

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