FACT Mag debuts full stream of Relaxation Tape

Total Unicorn welcome the release of their fantastic Relaxation Tape today with a full stream of the album up on FACT Mag. Check it out HERE.

"It has elements of mediation music — breathing instruction, new age soundscapes, and nature sounds — but they’re all processed through the Austin group’s bizarre knack for electronic instrumentation."

Total Unicorn premiere "Whole Lot of Lourve" with Austin Town Hall

Local love today for Total Unicorn in the form of this track premiere over at Austin Town Hall

"There’s musical nods to EDM, electronica, hip-hop and even touches of operatic indie rock; you’ve got to take your hats off to the group’s ability to incorporate so much into their music, yet still make it accessible to pop fans. It’s, dare I say, the “total” package, musically speaking."