Tired All The Time share new video for "Little Pieces"

Tired All The Time will be releasing their new Be Well EP this Friday, August 17, and Tiny Mix Tapes has just premiered their latest video for the track, "Little Pieces." The track is a pop punk gem, exploring the tedium of daily life under the guise of modern expectations and coping with mundanity. The band's "brand of dystopian pop-punk is as quirky as it is contagiously poignant--" according to Tiny Mix Tapes. What do you think? 

Make sure you scoop up your copy of the band's EP via Flag Day Recordings. 


Tired All The Time share new video on New Noise Magazine

Washington, DC band, Tired All The Time, have just shared a brand new post-punk/doom pop track and video for your office chair entertainment. The kind of track that allows you to ponder your own insignificance while also rabidly head-bobbing, "Bone Dry" is two minutes of anthemic guitar rock. Go check out the video below or over at New Noise Magazine. Be sure you go pre-order your cassette/digital copy of the band's upcoming EP, Be Well, which is out August 17 via Flag Day Recordings!