Swahili Blonde share "Rose My Emperor" from new LP out Jan 22

"'Rose My Emperor' was inspired by The Lovers tarot card. In one of the decks I own, the lovers are represented by the Emperor and Empress and their marriage together. I think every human being has male and female aspects inside them. These aspects bring forth strong behaviors and instincts, and are there to give us insight and to serve us well. When these parts of ourselves are nurtured and blended together, they bring us harmony. When we are disconnected from them, we our in conflict with ourselves and that can be very confusing and disruptive." - Nicole Turley

Swahili Blonde share first single from upcoming full-length

January 22, 2016 will see the release of a brand new full-length from LA's Swahili Blonde and today, AudioFemme has shared the first single from the album. 

“'The Diamond Room' starts out with an ethereal electronic drum line perfectly complemented by Turley’s fluttery, rousing soprano vocals. Unconventionally structured, the song is comprised of two alternating choruses, one which feels sweet and playful like a childhood lullaby and the other darker in melody, and a more sinister in conceit, with Turley describing being in a dream in which the protagonists are 'not what they seem' – both spooky and compelling, right in time for the Halloween season."

Swahili Blonde share EP stream via LA Weekly

"Deities [in Decline] is, like the albums that preceded it, a strangely serene shower of lightly electronicized, dubby-poppy midsummer madness."

The Swahili Blonde project of "L.A. resident, label owner, philosophically bent musician and wordsmith, and recording engineer" Nicole Turley just released a new EP Deities in Decline on Turley's own Neurotic Yell Records and John Payne of LA Weekly took the time to chat with Turley about the project and premiere the full stream, which you can check out HERE