Okey Dokey team up again with Liz Cooper for a Valentine's Day treat

Okey Dokey team up again with fellow psych-soul artist and friend, Liz Cooper, for a special Valentine's Day duet for the lovers that’s making it’s debut as Paste Magazine’s Daily Dose! Liz's voice melds perfectly with Okey Dokey's pysch soul sound, as she sings the role of someone interested in taking up a moment, while Aaron sings about wanting to hold on to a spark for longer than just a night. Filled with a few chemistry puns, and two people wanting different things but failing to communicate, the track touches the different sides of catching feels in 2019. The two explain their parts further: 

"We got together and really tried to create something that felt like what actual chemistry might be like. My parts feel dark and distant, Liz’s Feel soft and engaging and they meshed really well. We’re all lovers, so we wrote about being a little hopeless." 
- Aaron Martin

“I wanted 'Modern Chemistry' to feel like a millennial romance song. it seems like people aren’t interested in true burning love anymore and are much more into an empty one night stand (pun intended).” 
-Liz Cooper

Okey Dokey Debut Video For "Whose Heart"

The boys of Okey Dokey are making waves once again with another new track from their upcoming Tell All Your Friend LP, which is out officially at the end of March. The Nashville duo are slowly but surely releasing the entire album bit by bit, and today’s new bop is “Whose Heart,” a track about being pulled in too many directions by distractions be them in real like or on your cell phone. The video echoes this feeling, one image morphs into the next. The band’s own Aaron Martin is responsible for the animation of the video, which just premiered on Treble! Head over there to check it out or take a peek below!

Okey Dokey Share Collab With Liz Cooper

Nashville's Okey Dokey teamed up with their longtime friend and fellow psych-soul artist, Liz Cooper, for the track and video, "Winnebago." These three imagine what life would look like for them in the future, and it looks a lot like the present. While not on their upcoming March LP, this track was originally cut ideally for an EP, but the trio felt that it was meant to have a life of its own. The styles of these two artists meld perfectly into one gooey, psychedelically tender collaboration. Go check it out now below or on Nashville Scene!

Okey Dokey share video for "When They Get Older"

Nashville’s Okey Dokey just dropped a premiere of a new video for the track, “When They Get Older” featuring help from Rayland Baxter and Nick Bockrath (Cage The Elephant). Billboard has the premiere of the rose-colored glasses video and talked with Aaron and Johny, who make up the duo about collaborating with other fellow Nashville musicians and on their upcoming album, Tell All Your Friend, which will be out on March 29th of 2019.