Teddy Glass premieres new single on Billboard

Teddy Glass will be releasing their debut album, Nights and Weekends, this Friday! Today, Billboard has the exclusive premiere of their latest single from that album called "Doveskin," which is a Prince-influenced number. It's a bluesy R&B song, and Peter Shults of the group has this to say about it: "'Doveskin' came around about the time Prince passed (April 2016), and I think I was influenced by him being on my mind and trying to get a little more of his vibe going into it. It was a fun song because it was more of like a word problem than something I would typically sit down and write for myself. It's pretty playful in that regard -- and surprising to me."

Head over to Billboard to check out the full write up and jam the track below. Nights and Weekends is out this Friday 8/24!