Doghouse Charlie premiere "Susquehanna" over at Atwood Magazine

Scranton, PA's psychedelic folk outfit, Doghouse Charlie have just premiered their latest single and Atwood Magazine has the exclusive stream. They're calling "Susquehanna" a "psychedelic symphony of emotion" with "genre-bending swirls of tasteful textures." The track centers around landscape, and eerie vocals that glide along over the captivating instrumentation. Read the in-depth and glowing write up and take a listen to the single here and look out for Three Sisters, out May 26.  

MINKA share the first "serious" song they've ever written.

MINKA are a dance band in Philadelphia who have gained a cult following in their hometown for their wild live shows, but with the release of "Gravity," the band reflect on the uncertainty of our times as our political, cultural, and environmental climates seem to be slipping out of our control. The band don't lose their signature dance vibes on the track, but the lyrics take a turn from the foot loose ethos for which they have come to be known. The song appears on their May 26 EP, Born in the Viper Room