Desert Culture

They're Not Gone

April 28, 2017
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While writing this record, Daniel Vega was inspired by several stories from both his family's history and strange events that happened in the 1940's and 50's. Stories usually involving death, but also what happens after death, and how the living continue on. The music that would accompany these stories came from new geography he wanted to explore; what if the reverb-soaked sounds of surf rock from California was to meet up with Fender twang of country in Texas with some Latin percussion from South of the border? Vega wanted to write what would be, in his mind, a very Texas sounding record. 

In "Elva" he asks, "What happened to my Uncle John?" John Vega was his father's oldest brother who drowned in Lake Medina, west of San Antonio. This tragic event naturally caused a strain on his grandmother, Elva Vega, and lead to his father moving to Monterrey, Mexico, where he would eventually meet his wife, Daniel's mother. Events are never isolated; they are ups or downs on a continuous wave. The question, "where do they go when they're not gone?" acknowledges that wave.