Guilt Complex

July 14, 2017
Land of the Freak
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Athens, GA ethereal rockers Wieuca announce their new album Guilt Complex for July 14, 20107 on Land of the Freak. Like the group's previous releases, There is No Balance (2013) and self-titled EP (2014), Guilt Complex was recorded by Wieuca bassist Sam Kempe and produced by the band alone. Absolutely no glamour or polish went into forging this record, and if you listen closely, you can hear the muted washing machine and toilet flushing taking place in the "vocal booth" between verses. 

Wieuca formed in 2012 when multi-instrumentalist Rob Smith and visual artist Will Ingram moved from Atlanta to Athens, GA where they attended the University of Georgia. There, the group's lineup stabilized with the additions of guitarist Jack O'Reilly and producer, bassist, and banjoist Sam Kempe. The young foursome's main goal was to combine styles that they enjoyed but could never find blended into a singular song, primarily psychedelic experimentation, 90's emo, and all things twangy. 

Each song's lyrics center on themes of longevity, death, eternity, aging, and related ill-advised subjects for twentysomethings to preach about, but discussed through the more concrete lenses of poverty, violent crime, and passing out on couches. Guilt Complex is thick with snarky cynicism, with equal references to house parties and serial killers. In other words, the record is dripping with confusion.