Physical Violins

May 6, 2016
Solar Cabin Studios
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Physical Violins is the newest EP from Tetherball, the indie-alt-rock solo project of songwriter Steve Voss. Written, performed, and produced entirely by Voss himself, the EP mixes pop hooks and dark humor into the same package, with Voss balancing the sheer violence of his lyrics with bright bursts of melody, snatches of piano, and layers of electric guitar. Physical Violins doubles as the second release in a series of six Tetherball EPs, all due out in 2016. Sunny at times and aggressive at others, it nods to his influences -- including fellow left-of-center artists like Beck, St Vincent, and Spoon -- while creating its own sound, spinning stories of gun-toting tigers, amnesiac WWII soldiers, and bloodthirsty gladiators along the way.

What They're Saying:

"Tetherball's brand of catchy rock and roll is equal parts the Cars and the White Stripes." - PopMatters

"Even if all the aligning pieces aren't exactly uniform, band figurehead Steve Voss collects the madness and sews it all into one." - The 405

"With distorted guitar hits that are reminiscent of Primus but soft pop vocals similar to Cherub, the track is an out of the ordinary take on pop. It really sounds like something that could have been big in the 90s when alt-rock bands were a little more free to be oddballs." - Surviving the Golden Age

"Daft-Punk-vs-Primus smackdown" - The Deli