In Brief:

Terror Vision is a new company founded in late 2014 by Ryan Graveface (with the emotional support of two anonymous directors). The are three components to this new venture and they are as follows:

  • Release obscure movie soundtracks on vinyl (horror/sci-fi/oddball)
  • Release films on VHS - both new and classics (horror/sci-fi/oddball)
  • VHS rental shop located within Graveface Records & Curiosities in Savannah, GA (opening early 2015)

The first four vinyl releases will be: 
T.V.001 "Not of this Earth" OST by Chuck Cirino ('88)
T.V.002 "555" OST by Frankie 'Hollywood' Rodriguez ('88)
T.V.003 "From a Whisper to a Scream (The Offspring)" OST by Jim Manzie ('87)
T.V.004 "Killing Spree" OST by Perry Monroe ('87)

Subscriptions, similar to the Graveface Record Club, include members-only vinyl colors, lathe cut 7", exclusive tee, slipmat, discounts at our online store for distributed titles, and more. The subscription is extremely limited. For more information or to join now, visit HERE.

More info:

"At some point in 2013 it dawned on me that none of the current crop of soundtrack labels, although great, were releasing anything that was near and dear to my heart. Sure I love Halloween, Creepshow, anything related to Goblin, etc, but where was the love for the obscure titles? The titles that I worshiped growing up that people so callously refer to as "B movies" or movies that are "so bad they're good". The titles that Varèse Sarabande hasn't already released on vinyl 20 years ago that you can still actively purchase on Discogs. The titles that made me want to make my own horror movies and realize that I could... all I need is a camera and a killer idea and the motivation to finish once I begin. Finally, in 2014 I just so happened to run into two horror directors (separately) that I've looked up to my entire life. This idea came up out of the blue in both conversations and what they said was both fascinating and motivating. In short, walking away from those conversations I simply got the cojones to just go ahead and do it. The releases on Terror Vision might not be for everyone, but those that get it will truly love it." - Ryan Graveface