Pollen Rx

Sunbelt Emptiness

January 27, 2017
Austin Town Hall Records
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Pollen Rx is Maud Morgan, Ben Hirsch, Caroline Sallee and Maggie Exner; originally conceptualized as a three piece, they’ve expanded to make things louder. They’re releasing their first album, Sunbelt Emptiness, an enjoyable homage to the difficulties of American consumerism, urban sprawl and moving on. They’ve been labeled as dance punk, scuzz pop, garage rock and politi-pop; that’s all well and good, but it really boils down to catchy hooks, infectious harmonies and a rock n’ roll attitude…all fueled by the battle between vocalists Maud Morgan and Ben Hirsch. It’s pop music, but with more noise and a message.

Sunbelt Emptiness is a record celebrating the inner conflicts of adulthood, the pleasures and disappointments of growing up and moving to the South. Morgan and Hirsch moved to Texas, then toured extensively for the last two years while they worked on the songs that would fulfill their vision. It should come as no surprise then that the album’s imagery consists of highways, neon lights, water, television and border enforcement…and all else they’ve encountered on their journey together. Living in the Sunbelt is really nice, unless you sit around and think about it.