Last Friday's single series

Fall 2017
Popgang Records
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In partnership with San Francisco label Popgang Records, PARENTZ bring you Last Friday's, a series of new, free, digital-only singles to be released on the last Friday of every month. 

PARENTZ is the sometimes absurd, sometimes serious Oakland-based art-pop project of Jeremy Sullivan, with help from multi-instrumentalist and artist Jonathan Hall.

You can’t tell if he’s being serious when you listen to his Tom Hanks-themed tape, Big. Nor can you tell whether he loves fast food or thinks it's poison - or both - when you hear his summer jam "Beach Body" about packing on the pounds and hitting the beach.

At shows you’ll see old black plastic CRT TVs firing off colors, movie clips, commercials, and spelling out four-letter words like LOVE, LOSE, DEAD, along with pumping pop songs that may at one turn sing sincerely and sensitively about unrequited love, and at another eschew the importance of backing up your hard drive, or proper parallel parking.

Life is full of contradictions. Need a guiding light? Listen to your PARENTZ.