Omega Vague


April 14, 2017
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Omega Vague is an American ethereal rock project created by Craig Douglas in Hartford, CT. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Douglas is the only official member of the group and remains solely responsible for its direction. Omega Vague’s music straddles a wide range of genres including, but not limited to, dream pop, shoegaze, darkwave, minimal ambient, and progressive rock influences.  

The project began in 2005 when Douglas created an assortment of home recordings on a 16 track under the name Darkwater and self-released his first effort, Songs For Homesick People Volume One. The songs were experimental, atmospheric and very lo-fi. After discovering there was an established band out of England with the same name, Douglas was forced to change it. He had a short lived ambient metal project he titled Omega Vague. After it's demise it was clear the name was unique and should not collect dust. 

Douglas then went on to create three more full-length compilations of home recordings under the moniker Omega Vague.  Between 2006 & 2012 he self-released Songs For Homesick People Volume Two, Four, and In With The Old.  All albums were very diverse stylistically. They ranged from dream pop, folk, industrial and minimal metal. While people showed some interest in them,  Douglas did not feel these recordings fully represented the quality and overall sound he was trying to achieve. The recordings were pulled and are no longer released. 

In 2014, Douglas started fresh with the project, focusing on creating a more solid and well-produced release. With production and drumming assistance by David Keith (Blackmore's Night, Rainbow, Mission 0) Douglas released Omega Vague, a collection of nine new tracks that put Omega Vague on people's radar. Keith continued his production and drumming on Omega Vague's follow up, Reveries in 2015. It was an even more polished and professional sounding release. Both albums received a large amount of press and were nominated 'best of' albums on Brazilian music blog Shoegazer Alive. In 2016, Douglas released two more full-lengths, Tension Sessions then a few months later Obsolescent. All albums have achieved widespread appreciation and recognition throughout the newly, re-invigorated, global shoegaze and dream pop circuit. 

Aversion/Reversion is Omega Vague’s fifth official release since 2014. It contains seven new tracks totaling over 45 minutes and incorporates elements reminiscent of earlier releases, but is more expansive and theatrical stylistically. Sonically the album balances a fine line between light and dark, peaceful and somber, even blissful and grave. With Douglas' signature, layered and lush vocal style over such a diverse collection of material, it may be Omega Vague's strongest work to date.