No Nets

Bright Light

October 21, 2016
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No Nets is a rock band from Brooklyn by way of the Bronx and Jersey, made up of a few grown-up-ish punk and emo kids – and a metalhead. After playing in bands together for over six years, Sal Mastrocola, John O’Neill, Walter Shock, and Dave Hauenstein moved into an apartment in Brooklyn in 2012 – and No Nets was born. The band started by way of an electronic drum kit in their Brooklyn closet, and has grown over the last three years musically and personally. Their sophomore album Bright Light reflects that growth, exploring themes that bounce from topics like marriage, adulting, keeping your creative life while working that nine to five, and the painful reality that you might never be able to afford that fancy piece of New York real estate you always dreamed about.

“As we grow up I think it’s expected that we should slow down. And in a lot of ways, you have to. But when it comes to music – I still want to capture lightning in a bottle” says Sal, the band’s frontman and primary songwriter. The guys have grown up a bit since their days in that tiny Brooklyn apartment, but Bright Light is still bursting with youthful energy. It’s inspired by the fast, heavy bombast of the classic punk and mid-aughts emo bands they grew up with, but heavily shaped by the more refined ones they’ve come to appreciate later in life. It’s full of anthemic fist pumping sections, ambient interludes, and walls of guitar.

No Nets’ first album, Affable & Ready for Small Talk was featured in Earmilk, AbsolutePunk, The Deli, and NeatBeet and was one of Under The Gun Review’s “Best Releases You Might Have Missed from the First Half of 2014." Their recently released cover of Elliott Smith’s “I Better Be Quiet Now” was chosen to be featured on the the Covering Elliott compilation slated to be released in 2017.