November 10, 2017
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Jackson Bennett and Justin Bernard Williams met on an online forum for introspective extroverted Ableton artists called solipsism.

Once they realized that they were different types of weird, they agreed to start a band, tentatively. They started out as a two-piece and later put together a four-piece band, twice. Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten, just do what works. A dreamer and an operator, pilot/co-pilot, two heads are better than four.

They called it Neosho because Bennett is from Missouri, and Williams is from Oklahoma. There is a town, of course, and river on the border with their namesake, and “Missouri Oklahoma Borderline” sounds dumb anyway... with or without the hat.

They continue to haunt local Austin venues with Neosho's new live show, inaugurated in 2016. Bennett's clever vocals draw familiar scenes atop addictive melodies and undeniable grooves. Williams tells another side of the story with his saxophone, synths, and sample chopping. The duo perform and sequence a variety of instruments throughout their live set. Driving beats and bass make it as exciting as it is prescient. Their debut album, Borderline, is due out November 10, 2017.