August 11, 2017
Ring the Alarm
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Emerging from LA’s exploding synth scene, KRON are an audio visual powerhouse with a live show that turns the dance floor into hot-fucking-lava.

What started as a house band for Ghosting, a monthly art/tech dance party held in a massive Chinatown warehouse is downtown Los Angeles, became a full-fledged synth trio as the party began drawing massive crowds who came to watch KRON play massive, battle-cruiser sized modular synths accompanied by face-melting live visuals created with their own analog video synth.

Equal parts Giorgio Moroder, Simian Mobile Disco, John Carpenter, and Amun-Ra (the ancient Egyptian sun god), KRON’s synth jams are forged of forbidden ancient magic and pure molten heat. This is mortal kombat-safari house-horror synth, and even if you’re not “into" retro futuristic galaxy implosions you are biologically compelled to dance to it.