Hush Machine

Hush Machine

April 21, 2017
Jigsaw Records
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Hush Machine is the blissful, glassy guitar pop of Kansas' Sam Boatright. These are the tunes drifting freely in the air as the party winds down and it’s just you and your friends on the dance floor. These are the skeletal, hazy songs that Ian Curtis dances to in his dreams. These are mindful pop songs for tweens and the elderly.

A Lawrence native, 21 year old Sam Boatright has created music under the Hush Machine moniker for several years, but has only recently started sharing his music with a wider listening audience. The songs on Hush Machine’s self-titled debut album were all written and recorded back in 2013 during Boatright’s junior and senior years of high school. These tracks echo both lonesome winter nights of driving around with nowhere to go, as well as muggy summer days of lounging about with friends; the youthful perils and joys of too much time.  

Boatright is no stranger to recording and performing, as he spent some time in Lawrence’s Psychic Heat, a garage-psych band on High Dive Records. He left this project to pursue his own musical musings, resulting in the development of a signature style and his debut full length release. 

Jigsaw Records out of Seattle, Washington fancied Boatright’s music and picked up Hush Machine’s debut album for physical and digital distribution worldwide.