Caustic Casanova

Pantheon: Vol 2

September 8, 2017
Retro Futurist Records

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Caustic Casanova is a loud, heavy rock band from Washington, DC that has learned the power of constant motion. Since 2013 they’ve practiced and toured tirelessly, showcasing their brands of “absurdly muscled uber-psyche” (Indy Week Raleigh) and “beautiful aural assault” (KnowYourScene) all across North America while releasing new music regularly, with no intention of slowing down.

After forming as teenagers at the College of William and Mary in 2005 and recording several albums and EPs there and in DC, Caustic Casanova found itself at a critical juncture in 2012 following the departure of the band’s original guitarist. The rhythm section of drummer/vocalist Stefanie Zaenker and bassist/vocalist Francis Beringer wanted to play even heavier, more experimental music in the vein of Rush and the Melvins, and wanted to tour relentlessly, but weren’t sure if they could find a guitar player who would match their ambition. After a few sets as a bass/drum duo, rounds of guitar player auditions finally yielded the missing element to the new Caustic Casanova, longtime fan, friend and all-around six string wizard Andrew Yonki.

In Andrew’s four years with the band, the rejuvenated Caustic Casanova has played hundreds of shows, doing all their own booking in DC and throughout North America, with plans for more touring throughout the world. Even a life-threatening wrist and back injury to drummer Stefanie Zaenker barely curtailed the band’s forward momentum. The CC was back rehearsing less than three months after her second round of surgeries, recorded a 7" (Pantheon: Vol 1) and a full-length (Breaks), and was back on another full US tour within the year.

What kind of music has Caustic Casanova made since opening for sludge rock titans Kylesa in 2014 and signing to their eclectic label Retro Futurist? Their relentlessly intense live show has earned plenty of notoriety, and their 2015 LP Breaks has garnered much praise for its uniquely diverse take on heavy.

Caustic Casanova is releasing their second 7 inch, Pantheon: Vol 2, on September 8th. It features original song “Lord Pinto” and a theremin/guitar/noise freakout cover of the Melvins’ classic “Cow." Catch them on a coast-to-coast US tour in October!

Praise for Breaks:
Breaks is an inspired piece of audio art. It excels not only as an attitude injected punk rock album but as a hefty platter of doom wielding hard rock, an instrumentally impressive lost 70s prog masterpiece, a late 60s/early 70s psych rock freakout, a brazen post-punk wall of majestic white noise, a landmark example of how you can combine metal’s ruthlessness with slick pop sensibilities and as a true heavy album that defies categorization.” - Teeth of the Divine

“The fact that the band can evoke the vibe of the Melvins, Rush and U2 within a couple of minutes without sounding stitched-together or disjointed is a testament to their skill and to the painstaking way the trio assembles their material.” - Yes! Weekly

“Caustic Casanova is pushing genre and style in some of the most original ways we’ve seen in 2015. Blending space rock reverberation and echo with post-punk attack and a dismantle-it-all-and-solder-it-back mentality, their September release, Breaks, is a fascinating listen.” - Connect Savannah

Breaks is a surreal and psychedelic out-of-control sludge riff of the most innovative albums of the year.” - Outlaws of the Sun

“CC crosses just about every genre in existence in its quest for a unique sound. And I think it’s fair to say that has been accomplished...I can envision a setlist that might include In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, The Trooper, Slack Motherfucker and Surprise, You’re Dead. And maybe a really twisted version of Yours Is No Disgrace. No one plays songs like this. Nobody.” - Aiding and Abetting

“Caustic Casanova is one of the most excitingly innovative bands on the planet. And, as evidenced on Breaks, the band’s at home in psych, prog, metal, punk, and seemingly every other genre in the galaxy.” - Stereo Embers

Live Press:
“Caustic Casanova wasted no time in tearing into my skull, with an instrumental sound laden with sludge and abrasive guitar screeching...ironic lyrics along with the near schizophrenic tempo changes, [and] counterpoint moments of odd, trippy psychedelic-infused beauty.” - Bucketlist (Montreal)

“CC...presented a noticeably eccentric set of what could be described as organized chaos, showcased undeniably great musicianship and ripped the stage to shreds.” - Metal Assault (Los Angeles)

“This trio has long been a favorite of mine as they’ve graced many stages in the DC area for several years with their creative, twisted psychedelic metal.” -  DC Rock Live

“I have seen a lot of bands over the years, and I am sure that Caustic Casanova is one of the loudest I have ever witnessed.” - NewsWhistle (Minneapolis)

“For me, the thing that sets CC apart from a lot of heavy rock and metal bands is that their songs are so various — they manage to surprise with different rhythms and textures, avoiding one continuous dark, thrummy sound that blurs from one song to another.Their delivery is pretty flawless — you hear the craft and care that have gone into the songs, which also feature some thoughtful, literate vocals.” -