Formed under the dark shadowy sway of LA palm trees, Amoureux is a bewitching female-led avant-rock duo, whose deconstructed polyrhythms conjure the likes of Fugazi and Talking Heads, married to the synth-pop punk spirit of New Order, Berlin, and Roxy Music.

Amoureux begins as a euphonic love story between bassist Holiday J and drummer Nicole Turley. Both women were dancers in previous lives, and because of this, understand the grandeur of rhythm and movement in human connection. With their debut EP Never Young As Tonight, Nicole and Holiday J decided on an unconventional approach; writing all songs on the instruments closest to their hearts – bass and drums (forever!). Holiday J notes, “With the current climate of music being so sterile and over produced, we decided to capture everything on the cusp of instant creativity. Everything was done in one take, with the exception of a few vocals… We wanted to impart what naturally came out of us, without too much polishing. The idea of beauty in the cracks in between.”

Never Young As Tonight combines elements of post-punk, angular tropical rhythms and elegant, minimalist pop. Dual female vocal harmonies fused with funky bass hooks, tribal jazz drums, lo-fi synths, gypsy violins, and R&B sax makes this a debut with seductively raw pop sensibility.