284 Days

February 3, 2015
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Dronen is a rock trio with roots buried deep in the 90’s, growing up listening to the likes of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Radiohead. These early influences allow them to conjure up a familiar, yet original sound that they hope will help them to thrive in the slow-but-inevitable resurgence of rock music. A favorite of promoters and sound guys all over southern California, Dronen never fails to unleash the pleasant racket when the house lights grow dim.

The band’s early years were spent cultivating an extensive catalog of material, most of which never made it beyond the “demo” stage. Armed with little more than a 4-track cassette recorder to produce said demos, the band finally saved up enough money to achieve their dream of recording in a real studio. They completed 4 songs in 4 hours and handed out free copies of this untitled EP everywhere they went. With positive reactions amongst friends, and a growing local fan base, they could not wait to get back into the studio and began saving in order to do so once again the following year. With the funds in hand at last, the excited trio booked a few recording days while rehearsing constantly. Something about this second go around just wasn’t clicking though, and a couple of less-than-inspiring studio sessions later, with lots of time and money wasted, and an unfinished collection of songs left by the wayside, Dronen decided to take future recording duties upon themselves.

Over the years they tracked a few songs here and there, but it wasn’t until 2012, shortly after the acquisition of a new drummer, that they took on the unexpectedly giant task of producing a full album. Carlos (drums) was still learning older songs while new ones were being written, but the band was eager to finally get something out there for fans to enjoy outside of the venue setting. After months of learning and re-learning new recording and mixing techniques (and gallons of coffee later) they released their debut album Digital Pathways (Analog Pathogens) in the spring of 2013.

A positive response to their long awaited debut release led the always-eager-to-record group to begin work on a follow up. In November of 2013 they hit The Music Box studio in Irvine, Ca to track drums for their second release, this time an EP, entitled 284 Days. Drums had been the most difficult instrument to capture on their own, so the band figured they could pay to knock them out in one day and record the rest of the EP back at their rehearsal space. With a little guidance from a friend, as well as some very nice borrowed and purchased microphones, 284 Days was underway.

After a few initial hiccups, as well as intermittent recording hiatuses (i.e. life getting in the way), the EP was finally completed, which ended up taking…wait for it…284 days from start to finish. Dronen is extremely pleased with the outcome of their latest effort, which they believe showcases their growth in both songwriting and recording abilities. The response to these new tracks in the live setting has left the band, along with its fans, excited and anxious for the official release of 284 Days in February of 2015.