Affordable Hybrid


October 28, 2016
Flannel Gurl Records
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Affordable Hybrid are a four piece post punk band from Vänersborg, Sweden consisting of bassist/vocalist Lars Ludvig Löfgren, guitarist/vocalist Samuel Järpvik, guitarist György Barocsai, and drummer Mikael Björklund. The band released their debut album The Snake Was A Mistake in November 2007. Their next album, No Area, No Criminals, was released in December 2009. Affordable Hybrid then went into hibernation, leading the band members to focus on other things. 

Lars continued releasing albums, including 7" as a solo artist. He also spent time touring Europe both as a solo artist and with his garage duo, The Big Easy. Samuel and Mikael have a duo called Moffarammes who have released two albums and done multiple European tours. They are also in hardcore/punk band Pablo Matisse with Per Stålberg from Division of Laura Lee and Ian Person from The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Nothing released yet, but an EP has been recorded. Samuel released his first solo single under the name Järpvik. Mikael is playing live with Kristoffer Bolander and recorded on his debut self-titled album released last year. Kristoffer used to play in the band Holmes who released many albums and toured Europe heavily but are currently on hiatus.

After a long time of silence, the band began to miss having Affordable Hybrid in their lives. The band never officially broke up, but the members hadn't seen each other in a long, long time. Finding themselves all living in the same area again after adventures in different cities and countries, they felt the time was right to get back on the horse.

On April 9, 2015 Lars was doing a solo show in Paris. Without knowing this, Samuel was in Paris on vacation on the very same date. Samuel happened to see on the internet that Lars was playing and showed up at the concert without any notice. They drank some wine together, Lars played, and Samuel joined him on stage to cover a Misfits song together. This night they also made a decision that Affordable Hybrid was going to record a new album the following summer. Lars, Samuel and Mikael had been rehearsing some new songs occasionally before this, but now a final decision was made. A recording session was booked with György Barocsai in July 2015. In the few months in between, György was propositioned to join Affordable Hybrid as a full time guitarist, an offer which he accepted.

"After years of furious crawling even the strongest of snakes needs to hibernate. But as you all know, hibernation doesn’t last forever. And when a snake wakes up after a long slumber it is going to be hungry. In 2007 we finally got to record our debut album with Dieter Schöön. We called our new born baby The Snake Was A Mistake. Recording it and getting it released by Tell Me That You Love Me and Carcrash Records was a big deal for us. That many people liked the album was even bigger. The following years we got to explore Europe together. Affordable Hybrid played the biggest capitals, but also the small shitty villages you leave before you even enter them. We loved it all. Variety is the spice of life. In 2009 the snake got pregnant again. György Barocsai was our midwife this time and Blackstar Foundation took great care of baby number two, which we called No Area, No Criminals. Where that name comes from? Let’s just say it is the kind of wisdom you might hear in a tow truck outside of Hamburg in the middle of a cold october night. After two albums and endless crawling across Europe the snake got tired though. But after a winter that seemed to never end it is starting to get warm again. Spring is coming and the snake is getting ready. Are you?"

Now that they have shed their skin, Affordable Hybrid are slithering their way through Europe on a tour to support their new 7" EP - Bat/Roky. Drawing influences Nirvana and the Black Lips, Bat/Roky will be released on October 28, 2016 via Flannel Gurl Records.