Earthquake Lights share new video from Distress Signals

Earthquake Lights have a new album slated for April 5 from which we have already been treated to several delicious tastes. Today is a special treat, though, with the new Minu Park directed video premiering at Substream Magazine. The song speaks to the frustrations we can experience as we try to navigate success in our lives, something to which most of us can relate. Songwriter Myles Rodenhouse reassures that “We all face times like this, and it’s OK to pursue dreams and to fail.”

Newscast share new single, "Alive" -- debut EP out this Friday, March 22

Newscast, a new duo comprised of Hayden Boyd and Sal Almakky, will release their 5 EP this Friday, March 22. "Alive" is the latest synthpop star from that release, with endless overlapping riffs and sparkling electronic touches, the song continues along the same lines as previous single, "Undercover," but simmers in its melancholic groove. The vocals are icy and distorted, mirroring the tone and theme of the lyrics, which are about the difficulties of loving someone else without being able to fully love yourself. Indie88 has the premiere for the new track—head over there and check it out or stream it below.

Timothy Eerie shares new single and video at Ghost Cult Magazine

Ghost Cult Magazine has the premiere of a new hazy psych romp from Austin’s Timothy Eerie. The track, “Transformation of Things” is a swirling sprawling trip that begins calmly, as all fever dreams do, with labored percussion and reverb drenched vocals. As it marches on, with distorted electric guitar interspersed, the song slowly spirals into a fuzzy noise rocker and is mirrored with the wild animation of the video. Ghost Cult calls it “a must listen for fans of the buttery-toned psych rock’n’roll.” Peep it below or over on Ghost Cult Magazine.

The Lovely Sparrows share video for "Shake The Shadow"

Last fall, Austin’s Shawn Jones revived his long time musical project, The Lovely Sparrows, and released the first new music from the band in nearly seven years. Focused on not letting The Lovely Sparrows disappear for that long again, Jones teamed up with longtime creative partner, Katie Green, to make the video for the title track, "Shake The Shadow." The song merges the past sound of the band with a more forward leaning direction; there are woodwinds and finger picking of classic indie folk, but the song incorporates synth swells to add a layer of mystical fog to the song. It just premiered over at Atwood Magazine. Head over there to check it out!

Shouldies share first video from March 8 LP for Graveface Records

Graveface Records have launched a brand new sub-imprint of the label, NeverNotGoth, and will be releasing the first record, a new full-length from Atlanta based synth punk trio Shouldies on March 8. The band have shared a video for “bed” from the album at Pure Grain Audio which you can scope below. Preorder is available via the Graceface Records Bandcamp.